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And, for reasons you’ll see below, there is certainly an element of truth to that. In this article, I want to look first at some of the underlying physiology of the calves as well as examining why the calves seem to be so resistant to growth.Individuals with great calves often don’t train them at all while others toil away (sort of) at training their calves with little to show for it. Then I want to look at common training errors that simply contribute to the problem.- The Firedome UST6 helmet has an outer shell made of Thermoglas® providing a new standard of composite material toughness and durability.Chipping and cracking found in conventional fiberglass traditional style helmets is virtually eliminated.When the glutes aren't doing their job, muscle function and movement mechanics in the hips – as well as strength, power, mobility, stability, posture, and athletic performance – suffer.Here are a few signs that indicate weak or dormant glutes.

In fact, in the field, calves are often thought to be one of the most genetic muscle groups, you either have them or don’t have them.

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This is also why doing calf work with the knee bent (e.g.

seated calf raise) tends to work the soleus preferentially, since the gastroc crosses the knee, if the knee is bent, the gastroc can’t contribute as significantly to force output.

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