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Is Roberto Martinez next in line to star as The Bachelor?Martinez, the former fiance of Ali Fedotowsky, who was The Bachelorette star before Emily Maynard and Ashley Hebert, is rumored to be returning to the franchise.Then, at some point, Del DOT decided that a bike/ped “pool” wasn’t that great an idea and that all projects should compete against each another in a single, totally objective, prioritization process. And why shouldn’t boxing get rid of weight classes, too?Why shouldn’t Duran have been required to fight Ali to keep his title? And why shouldn’t bike/ped have to compete directly against road projects in a completely objective process? Duran, despite his tremendous skill, would not have been competitive with Ali in the ring. While the public supports spending on non-motorized transportation options, in practice these small, lightweight projects have been unable to compete with the big boys in Del DOT’s capital budget prioritization process.Despite reports to the contrary, Roberto Martinez may still be in the running to be the next star of The Bachelor, according to the best source there is.Roberto was being courted by the network several months ago, though no agreement was reached, and he was reportedly dating Kara Ramos at the time. With rumors circulating over Roberto Martinez being cast as the next Bachelor, and with a 0,000 paycheck reportedly sitting on the table if he were to accept, sources tell Star Magazine the reality star has turned down ABC's generous offer.

It’s harder for sure but I think in life in general if you split up with someone you know it’s for a reason so you just have to focus on you and know that it was for the best for both of you. Maybe you’re hopeful something will happen or hopeful for a great experience.After meeting fiance Roberto Martinez on The Bachelorette, then experiencing an epic courtship, Ali Fedotowsky said she was ready to marry him, and quickly. After a year and a half of dating and three postponed wedding dates, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez broke up this month, a rep for the reality star said.The 27-year-old former Facebook employee and accepted insurance agent Martinez's proposal on the finale of The Bachelorette's sixth season in 2010.Former Bachelorette lovebirds Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez recently split up after an 18-month engagement, but may be back together just like that.They allegedly hooked up at Ashley Hebert's wedding.

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