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In 1854, a committee visited Cincinnati, Ohio, and there inspected the steam engine built by Mr. In 1855, it was in service three times, but was not considered was repaired in 1856, several changes being made, but being found unreliable, it was sold in 1857.From its inception in 1865 as a State Constabulary, The Massachusetts State Police has evolved into a modern full service law enforcement agency with a compliment of over 2300 officers.Having the distinction of being the oldest state police organization in the United States, the Massachusetts State Police boast a rich history of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.Thomas Atkins, a carpenter, was placed in charge and empowered to select sufficient men to operate the apparatus, so he may therefore be called "The First American Fireman".It is pretty well established that this first engine was the forerunner of our present Engine Company 7.

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Acts as receptionist which includes assisting the general public in person and over the telephone with questions and complaints; answering telephone which involves routing calls, taking messages, providing assistance, etc.

The MSP is an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety.

By the 1930's, the MSP had increased its ranks to around 250 officers.

November 4, 1933 saw the first glimpse of the benchmark French and Electric Blue uniforms when the 25th MSP Recruit Class graduated.

Those same distinctive colors adorned the patrol vehicles of the MSP as they still do to this day!

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