Dating a homebody

"It's a shame that we're newlyweds and we almost never get to enjoy each other," says Jason."I want this marriage to last, but we need more time together to make it work." With their schedules unlikely to change anytime soon -- Leigh Ann has two years of nursing school left -- the couple is at odds over how to mesh both their social habits and their schedules. After attending her nursing classes and working nine long, hectic hours at the bar, going out isn't just about meeting up with friends, it's a way for Leigh Ann to de-stress and blow off steam -- something she wishes Jason could understand better.Since opposite work schedules mean they rarely see each other, both relish what little couple time they have. "We have limited time together, and we rarely agree on how to spend it," says Leigh Ann.The two often fight over making plans, get frustrated and end up going off to do their own things.

C’mon- you and I both know that pre-Netflix, we have all indulged in calling out that one weirdo in the gang who’d choose his comfy couch and blanket over blaring nightclubs and bi*chy hangovers! I got there a little early, about 15 minutes before. The hostess told me he was already there and took me to the bar. He had a big smile on his face, which helped to lessen my nerves. He's a little bit shorter than guys I typically date. I hung out at the bar, got a Kahlua to drink and talked with the bartender. True, your friends debate if it’s getting too serious when she’s cooking you a meal, but hey, your tummy’s relating a whole other tale.Plus, you get rid of the whole While a homebody might love to cook, coz going out is just too tedious and one’s gotta eat, sometimes, the refrigerator just isn’t as stocked as it should be (buying groceries involves going out too, ya see).

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