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Human plasma, representing the most complete record of the individual phenotype, is an appealing sample for proteomics analysis in clinical applications.

Up to today, the major obstacle in a proteomics study of plasma is the large dynamic range of protein concentration and the efforts of many researchers focused on the resolution of this important drawback.

When direct filtration of the raw extract was applied the measured flux was about 12% lower, but no fouling of the membrane was observed.

In slurry incubations of AOM-active sediment, the addition of methane stimulated SR and induced a bulk sulfur isotope effect of ~29‰. Iron oxides stimulate sulfate-driven anaerobic methane oxidation in seeps.

Our results imply that sulfur isotope signatures may be strongly impacted by AOM even at sulfate concentrations two orders of magnitude lower than at present oceanic levels.

Sulfur isotope signatures provide key information for the study of microbial activity in modern systems and the evolution of the Earth surface redox system.

Microbial sulfate reducers shift sulfur isotope distributions by discriminating against heavier isotopes.

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