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His surviving poetry is a large collection of aphoristic verses, much of it moralizing, written in the elegiac meter, with each line of hexameter in the epic style followed by a shorter line.

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The seemingly never ending hole appears to be about 200 feet deep, according to numerous reports [Los Angeles Times].Below is the index to the quotations for 2014, followed by the quotations themselves. One of many whimsical illustrations hand painted in my copy of Poets of the Greek Anthology, translated by F. Wright, London, 1924, by a former owner, whose talents, alas, remain anonymous. The year's end is a time of celebration — Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, the Winter Solstice.The sun pauses, and turns back in the sky, the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, of summer in the Southern half.Additionally, on the software package you can now invert the colors for white text on a black background. You’ll remember from last year that there weren’t any new questions.This year there are 49 new ones (marked with asterisks).

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