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Usain Bolt engaged in a rap battle with James Corden on The Late Late Show, and his lyrical prowess is almost as fast as his feet.Past entrants on James Corden’s rap battle segment have included the likes of David Schwimmer and Cara Delevingne, but now nine-time Olympic Gold medallist Usain Bolt has entered the lyrical fray, spitting rhymes about Corden’s sexual prowess and the ratings of his chat show.“Clearly this not how women should be spoken about.But were not choosing a Sunday school teacher here,” Trump’s former campaign manager turned CNN surrogate Corey Lewandowski said this afternoon, telegraphing what will be the campaign’s damage control strategy over the next 48 hours.

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Meanwhile, another Trump surrogate, Scottie Hell Hughes, told CNN’s Erin Burnett the audio and video tape proves only that Trump was part of the entertainment industry at the time – “a world that produces movies, and books and songs that use this type of language.

[Round 1] [Devilman] Skepta, you look like you’ve got AIDS You look like you’ve got HIV You look like you’ve got Gonorrhea all around your lips 'Cos you sucked out your mum’s punani You look like you’ve got cancer So clashing me is not the answer So you're better of going back to the strip club Carry on being a lap dancer Yeah, you’re not ready, you black Somalian, you’re not ready Don’t even open your mouth cuz Before you say something stupid and you get yourself buried Wow, you’re not ready, you Bangladeshian, you’re not steady You Ethiopian excuse of an emcee You better keep bullshit in your belly Yeah, it’s a 16 ting yeah [Skepta] Ok, Yes man I’m bringing it because I knew he was alright Let’s go, Ok, Skepta I’m not scared of D E velopment D E velopment ain’t in the mafia Not a Tai Omi Ay Wong Sun carrier Devilman wouldn't even jump over the train barrier So how can he be a bad man When he pars with about 25 pricks If I get Texas Chainsaw Massacre You will get Freddy Krueger part 6 And Final Destination part 3 Trust me I'll push your wig back This ain't a fair clash it's a mismatch You see what did to other MCs on my diss track How can I clash Devilman? Go on then I got war lyrics in my book, go on then, go on then Kiss my black foot, go on then, go on then Yo Signed up to the gym cos I heard man are looking for me and my mates After I’m done with pumping the weights I'm gonna buy a stab-proof vest and put in the plates I got so many stars and stripes I might buy a new house in the states Every compliment my head inflates I roll deep but I don’t wear skates And I don’t like him, or his friend Don’t make me have to bore his friend Go on then, bring around 2 of your friends I’ll just bring around 3 of my friends But not no MC friends I’ll bring around a couple unknown guys from my ends You hold mic, they hold leng, and the only spitting they do is phlegm So what d'you mean, what d'you mean you fool?

Devilman ain't on my level man After I murk Devilman Put him with the other six, that's seven man Give me a medal man Devilman sekkle man, you'll get eaten In a lyrical war I can't get beaten Cos my lyrics are colder than Sweden So Boy Better Know that it’s gun season Don't think I'm wearing gloves for no reason Kill Devilman and dump him in Neasden My name's Junior, it's not Steven I'll make your jawside look uneven [Devilman] Wunsen Yo I'm like no other Try come clash me, please don't bother Put Skepta on the ground and dig out his eyes And make him bawl for his mother We don't like each other Only cuz I fucked his baby mother That bitch was under the cover She said the sex was like no other Never judge a book by it's cover I just leave a couple shots in your brother And make sure I empty the clip in his face just to make sure the little prick don't recover It doesn’t take long to discover, Skepta smells like no other just piss in his face like go on then It doesn’t take long to discover, Skepta smells like no other just piss in his face like go on then Wunsen, wunsen [Skepta] Yo Draw for the tool, go on then, go on then Think I'm a fool? Go on then, go on then, draw for the tool Think that you’re hard but you’re soft like wool Lick man in the jaw side with the stool I’m a real shower man but I still look cool White gold chain and an iced out jewel Man couldn’t jack me cos i’m not Ja Rule Nah rude boy, what d'you mean?

Every April is nationally designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Because sexual assault affects everyone—survivors, family, friends, loved ones—we all have a unique role in challenging sexual assault.

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